Lane Status

Sadgill Temporary Traffic Regulation Order

Temporary Closure March/April 2023

(Works now completed)

We have planned some works to the surface of the byway open to all traffic that runs from Longsleddale to Kentmere.  We wish to extend and repair the existing stone pitching on the track as it climbs the slope to the south of Sadgill to increase it’s robustness and sustainability.  The works are likely to take around a month, with a planned start date (at present) of 13 March 2023.

We have found in the past that pitching work is incompatible with vehicle use during the works period – as vehicles running over the unstable pitching destabilises the work in process as it is not locked in and cannot be fixed securely until the whole section is completed; which results in a weaker overall surface.

The work will also include dumper truck movements to and from the work site.

There are not any real suitable turning places, and we therefore propose closing the whole byway to vehicles only for around a month (see attached map).

Whilst the byway is closed, we will also carry out drain runs clearing out all cross drains and side grips over the whole route – which requires a tracked excavator on site.

Pedestrians, horse-riders, and cyclists will be unaffected, although they will need to observe any site notices and follow any advice given by banks people or site workers.