Lane Status

Rusland Pool

Seasonal Traffic Regulation Order U5566 Rusland Pool

A Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) came into force on part of the U5566 at Rusland Pool (often known as The Strands) on 1 October 2005. Between October and 31 May every year mechanically propelled vehicles and horse-drawn carriages will not be able to cross the fords of Ashes Beck and Force Beck (grid references SD 33588918 to SD 33508930). We have fenced off the entrances to both fords in such a way that horse-riders can still gain access to the fords but wheeled vehicles cannot.

The reason for implementing the TRO is to protect the fish stocks in Rusland Pool and both Ashes Beck and Force Beck. Ashes and Forces Beck provide excellent spawning, juvenile and adult habitat for a variety of fish species including salmonids and also white-clawed crayfish. The salmonid spawning grounds are easily damaged by vehicles stirring up silt and crayfish survival is put at risk through silt clogging their gills and vehicles crushing them whilst they shelter under stones. Such disturbance may breach the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act 1975. Contravention of this legislation can lead to the Environment Agency taking legal proceedings against individuals, which can result in a significant fine of up to £5000.