What can I ride?

Green Lanes are public roads, and are open to vehicles of all types. This means, ALL legalities that are associated with riding on any public road must be observed, TAX, MOT, Insurance, Licence. Green Lanes are normally unsurfaced roads, which are unsuitable for a large proportion of vehicles. As far as Motorcycles are concerned the norm is to use smaller capacity Enduro style or Trials bikes. Capacities up to 500cc are common but most riders prefer 250 to 350cc capacities. Smaller bikes are generally lighter and WHEN you have to pick them back up. Larger Adventure style Motorcycles can also be used on many lanes subject to surface conditions and rider skill.

Beginners are always recommended to start small and build up. Some Green Lanes can be very challenging to novices.

What clothing do I need?

Protection, Protection, Protection. While speed is generally low while green laneing, the ground is always ready to come and say hello. Remember also that to get to and between Green Lanes you normally have to ride tarmac. Many riders invest is some sort of armour, so that the overclothes can be kept light and cool. You can exert a great deal of energy on some Green Lanes. As a minimum remember you are on a motorcycle and vulnerable to not only other motorists but the ever present ground coming up to bite you. Legally you must wear a helmet. Remember these are still public roads and carry the same requirements as all other roads.

Will I hold people up?

Green Lanes are fantastically beautiful and the scenery is always worth taking the time to enjoy. I can say with confidence that the riders of the Cumbria Craven TRF will ride to the abilities and speed of the slowest member of the group. No one is ever expected to ride beyond their comfortable capabilities and will always be part of the group.

Where can I ride?

The term Green lane is used to cover all public roads that do not have a sealed surface. This includes, (BOAT)s Byway open to all traffic, (UCR)s Unclassified roads and numerous other designations. The best way to find out is with a group such as the TRF, who can help with the minefield of designations and temporary traffic orders which plague the network.

What do all these acronyms mean, TRO, UCR, TRF ect.

We have created a small glossary and are continually updating as we notice missing entries.

I have heard the legend, but is Steve Stout real?

He is real, although I have doubts if he is human. Steve is a truly outstading individual. Ask him a question and he will almost certainly be able to give detailed information and guidance. Along with Steve Pighills (the oracle) we are honoured to have them in our group.