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To join Cumbria TRF, you first need to become a member of the National Trail Riders Fellowship. This is the leading body representing the interests of trail riders across England and Wales. The TRF has a Code of Conduct which you agree to adhere to and offers a wealth of expertise and experience to draw upon. Finally, there is the Green Road Mapping project. This has created an online mapping system that shows well over 6000 miles of green lanes, most of which the TRF is involved in managing at some level.

Once you have joined the National TRF, you can select 1, 2 or 3 regional groups to be affiliated with, usually for Cumbria, North Yorkshire and Northumberland are added as well. You will be given a Membership Number, this will help you to gain access to the regional Facebook Groups, which is where a lot of the trail rides are arranged. They are TRF members only groups.


Cumbria TRF meets every second Tuesday of each month at the Gilpin Bridge Inn, A590 at 7pm. Feel free to pop along and meet up with some of the members. There is usually a set format followed for the meeting, but prior and after is gossip time!

The fee that you pay to join the National TRF also contributes to a fighting fund that enables our legal experts to challenge those who seek to deny the enjoyment of the countryside to the many, so protecting our history and heritage for posterity.

When you join the TRF you will be asked to nominate your local branch. If you affiliate to Cumbria and Craven TRF we will also ask for a small annual donation to contribute to our local conservation work.

The Trail Riders Fellowship is listed as a club with the ACU (Auto Cycle Union) Enabling members to obtain licenses for organised events such as Trials.