Gatescarth Pass marshalling


Gatescarth Pass


Gatescarth Pass is the road that links Longsleddale valley with the Mardale valley and Haweswater, and is made up of 2 BOATs and an UCR. The route has a permanent TRO on it with a permit system set up by Lake District National Park, which allows 18 motorcycles & 12 4×4 to travel over the pass in either direction one day every month.

The route is 5.5km of rocky, steep and twisty track which should not be attempted by novices.

CTRF members marshal the permit days on behalf of LDNPA which is of course great p.r. but affords us the luxury of crossing the pass back and forth whilst we are there!

We recruit volunteers for the open days from our membership. Members can sign up for upcoming dates on our events page.

You can also apply for a permit to ride it as a ‘customer’ (they are free of charge) go to: