Farewell Stephen

Today we said farewell to Stephen Duckett, a gentleman and a good man.

I feel honoured to have made his acquaintance and to have ridden with him. A number of members accompanied him on his final journey to Beetham Hall crematorium today where the service was conducted.

Memories of Stephens life and exploits were recounted in a heart warming and reverent service.

Stephen will be missed by all who knew and loved him, may he be at peace and never forgotten.

Thank you Stephen, you were a joy and honour to know.

Message from Claire Duckett.
Good evening everyone, I’m just dropping you a message to say the biggest thank you to all of you. I truly have no words to describe the emotions our children and I felt when we realised how many of you were there to escort Stephen on his final journey yesterday. The TRF played such a huge part in Stephen’s life and who he was. I remember when we first started seeing each other, all those years ago, I quickly realised that the weekend club runs were not moveable and they came first!!!
The roar of the bikes yesterday gave me such comfort, it was like he was coming home after one of his epic days trailing and would be full of the stories of people falling off, breakdowns or fuel anxiety, and you all made him so welcome on weekends away to the Isle of Man!
Thank you all for being part of his life, and even more thank you for organising everyone, for stopping traffic and for genuinely caring enough to ride with him on his last ride!
Please please pass this onto those who rode with Stephen yesterday with love to you all and safe riding xxx
Julian Rainer
I watched from the rear of the procession that followed Stephen’s hearse this afternoon. It was quite a convoy that turned out and wound its way through the lanes accompanying him. I hope that the family were comforted, at a very sad time, that he had so many riding with him. We may have joined the TRF for the fun in motorcycling but there’s a lot more to this group.

Graham Neesham.

I knew Stephen on 2 levels, from the village and the motorbikes but mainly the village.
To see so many TRF members turn up and give him such a send off ( and be a part of that procession) was moving and quite emotional.
I hope we all did him and his family proud.
Lakeland Lad.
Here are a some links to video’s that I did whilst on one of the rides that Stephen organised: Edwin Duckett Memorial Trail Ride. Now a fitting tribute to his contribution to the cause. Don L
Edwin Duckett Memorial Trail Ride Part 1
Edwin Duckett Memorial Trail Ride Part 2
Edwin Duckett Memorial Ride Part 3 Final Part
I was sad not able to join the procession on Thursday but so glad that so many were able to pay tribute to Stephen. I only managed a few group rides with him and always appreciated his genial manner towards the group and the TRF. My sincere condolences go out to the family.

Isle of Man Sheep herders
Got Sheep! We`re your team.
Gatescarth Pass, Stephen Duckett
Gatescarth, No Sweat.

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